Project Services

Our project services refer to the range of activities needed to plan, control, and implement all activities of an engineering project from concept to completion.

Project Management

Provision of services for the successful delivery of a client's project to meet the client's requirements of function, quality, budget, and schedule. 
Project management services may include, but are not limited to:
Selecting professional engineers 
Economic analysis and feasibility reviews 
Planning, scheduling, monitoring, and controlling 
Estimating, budgeting and cash control 
Engineering and design 
Arranging financing 
Risk management 
Value engineering 
Construction management 
Quality assurance 
Approvals and permitting


Reviewing and refining project scope; reviewing alternative conceptual proposals; preparing preliminary design reports, sketches, schematics, specification notes; detailed scheduling 
Investigative surveys, such as site survey, geotechnical and hydrological investigations and other 
Analysis of conditions or methods of operation 
Life cycle costing 
Statement of probable costs, documentation for financing and detailed cost estimates 
Environmental impact assessments 
Permits and licenses 
Revision of existing designs 
Investigative services

Detailed Design

Preparing working drawings and supporting detailed calculations 
Resolving design issues 
Selecting technical equipment and developing related specifications 
Coordinating consultants and/or other design services groups 
Preparing specifications, tender documents, and contract documents; managing the tendering process and assisting and advising the client on tender call, evaluation, and award 
Preparing, or collaborating with others responsible for preparing, detailed estimates of the cost of the work 
Preparing performance specifications and designs for design/build projects 
Pre-construction services such as reinforcing bar schedules, fabrication drawings, pre-qualification of contractors, fast-track construction and/or sequential tendering

Engineering Services during Construction for Design Conformity

Presumes the client will provide contract administration services and our professional engineer's involvement is to monitor conformity to design
Attending site meetings, as necessary 
Periodic site visits to assess the work's conformity with the design 
Advising client and contractor of defects or deficiencies 
Monitoring compliance with design specifications 
Advising client on change orders impacting design 
Interpreting contract documents for the contractor or the client and issuing supplementary details and instructions, as required 
Supporting the client in carrying out the final review at the conclusion of the construction contract, including issuing the certificate of substantial completion 
Supporting the client in carrying out year-end warranty review

Contract Administration Services

Presumes contract administration services will be provided by our company to protect the client's interests and ensure conformity by the contractor with the design 
Arranging for and attending regular site meetings and attending job-site meetings, when requested 
Reporting to the client on the work's progress, including the contractor's adherence to the construction schedule and the potential impact on costs 
Investigating and reporting any unusual construction circumstances 
Reviewing shop drawings for general compliance with design requirements and contract documents 
Providing on-site staff to monitor and inspect the contractor's work, such as assessing the progress of the work and the work's conformity with the contract documents, quality assurance checks, field testing of materials and equipment 
Advising the client and contractor of defects or deficiencies 
Change order management and recommendations to the client 
Interpreting contract documents for the contractor or the client and issuing supplementary details and instructions as required 
Reviewing contractor's progress claims, including the validity of additions or deletions; issuing 
Progress certificates and change orders for the client's acceptance, making progress payment 
Co-ordinating the preparation of as-built drawings; periodically reviewing the as-built drawings kept by the contractor; advising the client on their adequacy 
Final testing and commissioning of work prior to certification 
Carrying out final review at the conclusion of the construction contract and issuing the Substantial 
Performance certificate 
Issuing Total Performance certificate 
Year-end warranty review and advice to the client

Resident Services during Construction

“Resident services” are typically used when the client retains our professional engineer to provide Contract Administration Services, as set out above.

Field Services may include:
Providing reference surveys to the contractor (not including surveys of legal property boundaries) and, where necessary, checking the contractor's surveys 
Determining that the contractor's work satisfies the intent of the design and conforms to the plans and specifications 
Arranging for and/or carrying out all prescribed field testing and inspection of materials and equipment 
Investigating, reporting, and advising on unusual circumstances that may arise during project implementation 
Carrying out final inspection at the conclusion of the contract, including any elements of commissioning agreed to as part of the client's acceptance program 
Maintaining a daily diary and other work tracking processes, as necessary to monitor work progress
Certify the contractor's requests for progress payments, quantities of work completed, materials delivered to the site, change orders and the like 

 Field services do not include directing the contractor's personnel in methods, scheduling, procedures, sequence of work, equipment selection or job site safety, except as may be specifically prescribed in the professional engineer's scope of services. 

 On-site office facilities, if required, are provided by the client. Staff assigned by our company may be on-site full time for a continuous work period, as required by the needs of the project, or as otherwise agreed between the parties.

Construction Management

These services may include, but are not limited to: 
Contract strategy, administration and expediting 
Construction logistics, such as planning, scheduling, and human resource forecasting 
Labor relations 
Field office management, including temporary facilities 
Materials receiving and warehousing 
Progress and trend monitoring and reporting 
Claims processing 
Project safety

Post-Project Services

These services will vary according to the client's needs and should be described in the scope of work. They may include, but are not limited to: 
Commissioning and start-up assistance 
Preparing maintenance and operating manuals and drawings 
Determining deficiencies during the warranty period 
Post-warranty period follow-up 
Consultation on warranty issues and the preparation of final acceptance documents at the end of the warranty period 
Assisting in facility management and/or operations after commissioning and start up 
Preparing record drawings 
Training of client personnel 
Environmental monitoring.
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